Zhiyun has announced a new handheld gimbal, the Crane 2S. While many modern cameras and lenses offer good stabilization performance, amateurs and professionals alike still flock to gimbals for even more stable handheld video. The Crane 2S includes numerous improvements over the Crane 2.

The Zhiyun Crane 2S is stronger than its predecessor and can hold video rigs such as the Black Magic BMPCC 6K, Panasonic S1H, Sony A9, Nikon D850 or Canon EOS 1DX Mark II. You can view a full list of compatible cameras and lenses by clicking here. Further, the latest version of the Crane 2S's Instune Algorithm has been refined to deliver quick and smooth gimbal performance.

In terms of setup speed, the Crane 2S features a brand new FlexMount System. This system simplifies the setup process while also ensuring that your gear is secure. The system incorporates a double safety mechanism and has a user-adjustable safety lock. If you want to record vertical video, such as for social media needs, the Crane 2S comes with a vertical quick release mount and safety knob.

Additional features of the gimbal's design include an upgraded axis locking mechanism, dubbed Axis Locking Mechanism 2.0, guaranteeing 'zero swinging of the gimbal during traveling or storage.' To keep the Crane 2S light and strong, the handle is constructed of carbon fiber. The Crane 2S uses 3 removable Li-ion batteries, delivering a total run time of 12 hours.

The Crane 2S includes six gimbal modes: Pan Following, Locking, Following, Full-Range POV, Vortex and Go mode. The gimbal also includes special modes for aiding in the creation of panoramas, timelapse, motionlapse and long exposure timelapse.

The Crane 2S supports digital and manual focus control via a built-in focus wheel on the gimbal itself. Zhiyun states that the focus control ability offers improved speed and precision as well, allowing for easier focus pulls when shooting. You can refer to the compatibility sheet linked above to see which cameras and lenses are compatible with the Crane 2S's focus wheel.

The gimbal includes a new 0.96" OLED display, allowing easy control of important settings and simple menu navigation. If you'd like to use a bigger display, the Crane 2S includes a dedicated slot for installing an image transmitter and with Zhiyun's TransMount Image Transmission System, you can attach a monitor for live monitoring. The TransMount system also allows for the use of various accessories, such as quick setup kits, a monopod, servo zoom and focus motors and more.

Zhiyun Crane 2S. Shown with Panasonic S1H. Image credit: Zhiyun

The Zhiyun Crane 2S is available now with the standard package retailing for $599 USD. For additional information on the Crane 2S and finding a retailer, click here. Zhiyun streamed a full presentation earlier today for the debut of the Crane 2S. You can view a replay of the stream below.