Nikon is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its first SLR camera, the Nikon F introduced in 1959, with a commemorative items sale through the Nikon Museum. The sale is offering several unique Nikon F-themed products, including a wristwatch, coffee mug, an acrylic plate featuring a hand-drawn and written illustration of the Nikon F camera's components, as well as a revised 2019 Edition of the Nikon Camera History poster.

The Nikon F represents an important part of the company's history; the model was in production for years before the eventual launch of the Nikon F2 model in 1973. It's not surprising that Nikon would commemorate the iconic model with a special anniversary sale, one involving limited-production items at very reasonable prices for collectibles.

Though the Nikon F coffee mug is already listed as 'sold out,' the Nikon Museum is still offering the acrylic plate camera diagram for 2,240¥ (approx. $22), the revised Nikon Camera History poster for ¥1,220 (approx. $11), and the Nikon F wristwatch for ¥19,900 (approx. $183). The watch is the most notable of the items, featuring an 'F' shutter speed dial, the words 'Nikon Museum,' and the letter 'F' in the watch face.

Nikon Museum advises that each product is offered in limited quantities and that it may prevent buyers from purchasing too many units. Unfortunately, you'll have to physically visit the Nikon Museum shop in Japan to purchase the items; shipping is not available.