GoPro has announced that it integrated features from the Quik video editing app into its main mobile app as part of its most recent update. Rather than having to download and use the Quik app separately, GoPro users can now automatically create multi-clip QuikStory videos using content from a GoPro, as well as any videos and photos saved locally on the mobile device, using the company's main app.

Individual QuikStory projects can now contain multiple licensed filters, according to GoPro. The GoPro app features more than 20 filters for customizing video clips within a single project, and it also supports creating these QuikStories in 4:3 aspect ratio. Going forward, these QuikStories remain editable, as well, enabling users to make adjustments at any point after creating the project.

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In describing this new GoPro app capability, the company said:

‘This new functionality is a critical improvement from the previous Quik pass-through workflow, providing GoPro app users with a more powerful way to manage their media and update their edits on-demand.’

GoPro says this is the first of a series of mobile app updates that will add other tools and improvements, including the integration of a full suite of editing tools available for single video clips. Users can also expect increased third-party content integrations and image/video themes.