Meet the Offset Ti Plate, a ‘state of the art’ reimagination of the standard tripod plate from Luma Labs that costs $95.

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In the event a standard tripod plate isn’t enough for your needs, Luma Labs has created what may very well be the most expensive tripod plate to date. In Luma’s own words, the ‘Luma Offset Ti Plate elegantly challenges the notion that using a tripod requires bolting a big ugly dovetail to the bottom of your camera.’

The Offset Ti Plate next to a standard Arca-style tripod plate.

The plate, which should fit all Arca-style tripod mounts, measures just 4.8mm thick and weighs just 13g (.5oz). It uses a modified 18–8 stainless steel screw, meets the ISO 1222 tripod connector spec and uses a 4mm hex/allen key for tightening it to the camera. This design is achieved through milling a solid piece of 6Al-4V titanium alloy using an ‘advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design and precision multi-axis machining.’ All materials, components and manufacturing is done in the United States.

Luma Labs says the Offset Ti Plate is designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras, such as Canon’s EOS R, Nikon’s Z Series and Sony’s a7/a9 cameras, due to their tripod sockets being moved more towards the lens to account for the more compact and lightweight design of the camera. Luma Labs notes versions for full-size DSLRs and compact cameras are also on the way.

The Offset Ti Plate costs a wallet-numbing $95 and is built-to-order. The first units are set to ship starting December 14 and each piece is ‘Guaranteed for Life,’ should you somehow find a way to destroy the piece of titanium.