PureShot's capture screen actively displays many of the app's tools. Other features can be found in the newly updated menu screen.

For mobile photographers who want DSLR-like control on their smartphones, Jag.gr's collection of capture apps for iOS provides a more manual experience. Jag.gr's latest update to PureShot, a pared-down and more user-friendly version of Jag.gr's advanced 645 Pro app, improves the app's performance and usability.

PureShot can be found for $1.99 in the iOS App Store. In our review of the app earlier this year, we liked the highly customizable interface with advanced features (like a histogram) and the cornucopia of information the app provides about the current scene.

Released today, PureShot 2.0 speeds up the user interface of the menu, includes new 3-shot burst and 3-shot exposure bracket options and maximizes the viewfinder area for smaller-screened iOS devices like the iPhone 4S or iPod touches. PureShot also extended the shot buffer by introducing new background saving, letting you keep shooting while your photos are processing and saving.