Vancouver-based camera harness manufacturer Cotton Carrier has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a new chest-style camera mounting system called SKOUT.

The design, which looks like a lightweight version of Cotton Carrier's current offerings, is a one-size-fits all solution that's said to be 'the world’s most comfortable, secure, and accessible, Sling-Style camera [harness].'

The standout feature of the SKOUT is its patented 'Twist & Lock' mount that attaches and detaches your camera from the anodized aluminum hub with a simple twist.

Attaching the SKOUT seems fairly simple. After wrapping it over one shoulder, there's a single strap that wraps around your torso and snaps into place on the front, securing the entire system. The shoulder strap is padded, so even heavier camera systems shouldn't put too much stress on your body.

Hidden inside the system is an internal stash pocket that could fit a small phone or a few credit cards. There's also an included weather guard so your gear stays safe and dry in less than ideal environments.

The Kickstarter campaign still has 13 days to go, but it's already beat its CA$ 8,000 (approximately USD$ 6,135) goal five times over. There are still a few early bird specials available, which will get you a single SKOUT system for CA$ 64 (approximately US$ 49). The first batch is expected to ship out November 2018.