Multi-camera setups with a variation of focal lengths are pretty much the norm on high-end smartphones these days. However, thus far you've had to decide if you want a super-wide-angle module (like on most recent LG models) or a tele-camera (like on the iPhone X, Huawei P20 Pro or Galaxy Note 9) next to the camera's "standard" wide-angle lens.

Pretty soon you'll be able to have both. LG just "pre-announced" its new LG V40 ThinQ on its Korean website and confirmed the triple-camera setup that reportedly comes with a super-wide angle and tele next to the main camera. The latter will feature a very fast F1.5 aperture.

The official announcement of the device is scheduled for October 3rd, and unfortunately information on other specifications is rather sparse at this point. All we know is that the display will measure 6.4 inches and, looking at the teaser video, will feature some kind of soft-touch surface for increased grip.

We will let you know as soon as more information on the LG V40 ThinQ camera specs and features becomes available.