Joel Grey started capturing images with his 1.3-megapixel Nokia 133 in 2007. Images by Joel Grey.

In an age when a 41-megapixel camera sensor in a smartphone is possible and 8 megapixel camera phones have become standard, it's fascinating to recall how mobile photography started, not so very long ago. 

Photographer and actor Joel Grey was one of the pioneers of phone photography, creating striking images with his 1.3-megapixel Nokia 133 as early as 2007. He published a book of his results in 2009, "1.3 -- Images from My Phone."

In this 2009 interview video for The Leonard Lopate Show, broadcast on New York City radio station WNYC, Grey shares how he forgot his Nikon on an out-of-town trip and began experimenting which his cell phone's camera capabilities. Truly ahead of his time, we thought it was worth sharing Grey's forward-thinking perspective which still rings true today: 

Do you remember which model of cell phone you first really started using as a camera?