Lighting and accessories manufacturer Phottix has launched a new light modifier for studio heads and hotshoe guns that can be used as a beauty dish as well as an octa softbox. The Spartan is collapsible, uses flexible rods for its assembly and comes in 20" and 28" sizes. The central metal diffuser of the beauty dish configuration can be removed and users just have to attach the front diffuser panel to switch it to a softbox. A set of clasps along the rod housings allow a second diffuser to be attached directly in front of the light source, to create an extra diffused effect.

To make the light from the softbox more directional Phottix supplies its standard egg-crate grid that attaches to the inner circumference of the dish just in front of the forward diffuser.

The Spartan comes with a Bowens S-Type mount which fits the Phottix Indra heads, but speed rings are available for most other studio heads. The company’s Cerberus hotshoe flash mount is also compatible with the Spartan, so standard hotshoe speedlights can be mounted to the back of the modifier.

The Phottix Spartan is available now and costs $120 for the 20in model and $145 for the 28in model. For more information visit the Phottix website.

Manufacturer information:

Meet the Phottix Spartan Beauty Dish

Introducing the Phottix Spartan Beauty Dish. The perfect on-location light modifier, the Phottix Spartan assembles easily using flexible rods, a huge benefit over the time-consuming setup of traditional octa softboxes.

The Phottix Spartan collapsible beauty dish is made from high-grade materials. The white interior produces softer, more even light. Included in the kit are a metal beauty dish “disk”, baffle, front diffuser and fabric grid.

The Phottix Spartan is more than just a beauty dish—it quickly transforms into a traditional octa softbox by replacing the metal diffuser with the internal baffle. Add the outer diffuser for even more softness and the grid to make the light directional. All with the speed and ease that will make Phottix Spartan your first choice in light modifiers.

The Phottix Spartan comes in two popular sizes – 50cm / 20 inches and 70cm / 28 inches – perfect for single subjects and couples. Use with the award-winning Phottix Indra series of studio lights or mount to the Phottix Cerberus Hot Shoe Flash Mount.