NASA astronaut Jessica Meir caught the public's attention over the weekend when she published two selfies captured during a spacewalk using a Nikon D5 camera. Meir has shared a number of images from the International Space Station since her arrival in September 2019, though few were as impressive as her full-body selfie captured as a reflection in ISS solar panels.

Meir shared the images on January 26, tagging them with the #SundaySelfie hashtag. One is a traditional shot of her face while the other image is a full-body shot of Meir in her spacesuit as seen reflected in some solar panels. The Earth is visible as a bright band of light behind her, as are bits and pieces of the space station.

As for the camera, Meir explains that she used a Nikon D5 camera with a 28mm lens and special protective housing that enables the camera to operate in space. NASA ordered a total of 53 unmodified Nikon D5 DSLRs from the camera company in 2017 with the intention of using them for recording ISS activities, as well as vehicular activities and astronaut training.