Wacom has launched the Cintiq 22, a large-screen addition to its Cintiq line of pen displays. Pen displays are basically external monitors that you can draw on and at $1200 the Cintiq 22 is one of the more affordable options.

The 24-inch model in Wacom's own pro-oriented Pro series would set you back more than double, $2500, and pricing goes up all the way to $3300 for the 32-inch version. Of course for less than half-price you'll have to make some compromises with the Cintiq 22. Its slightly smaller screen only offers a Full-HD resolution versus the Pro's 4K pixel count. The screen also isn't laminated, resulting in slightly more parallax, and it only covers 72% of the NTSC color gamut. The Pro guarantees 98% of the AdobeRGN color space.

In addition, with the Cintiq 22 you'll have to pay extra if you want Wacom's ExpressKey Remote. Still, for a pen display from a reputable manufacturer like Wacom the Cintiq 22 offers good value for money and might just be the right option for amateurs and enthusiasts who can live without top-end performance. More information about the Cintiq 22 is available on the Wacom website.