The Photo Cube is compact and compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

The Macworld/iWorld tech conference in San Francisco is well under way and we are happy to be here to report on the coolest gadgets of the show.

The first thing to catch our eye on the expo show floor this week is the Photo Cube printer from Vu Point Solutions. The Photo Cube is compact — about 7x4" — and prints 4x6", 300 dpi photos straight from a smartphone.

Images are sent through the Photo Cube app for iOS and Android, which can print multiple photos on one sheet. The photos take a little less than a minute to print because the sheets run in and out of the printer as the ink is applied in four layers.

The printer is available from retailers like Staples for $99 and its paper/ink cartridges can be purchases for $20 for 36 prints.