Location-based search for restaurants, taxis or other services, as offered by Yelp, Uber and a multitude of other apps, have been around for a quite a while but are still growing fast. Picquest now wants to apply the same concept to photography. The Android and iOS app allows you to find photographers on a map or get notified of photographers in your geographical proximity.  

You can then follow them to see their pictures as soon as they're uploaded to Picquest or review their portfolio, send them messages and commission them to take your pictures for you. The app also allows to search for pictures from a certain event, such as sports matches, tech conferences or weddings.  

It seems Picquest has the potential to be both a location- and image-based social network and a business development tool for professional photographers. The latter can be found by and communicate with their current and potential clients. People in need of photography services can find the provider who best suits their requirements. Currently Picquest is still invite only. If the concept looks interesting to you you can request one on the Picquest website