EyeEm X Vice Do by Carla D on EyeEm

Photo-sharing social platform EyeEm partnered with Vice Magazine to sponsor a photo contest. The competition asked "What are the Dos and Don’ts in life?" EyeEm users answered with a wide range of interesting photos. The winners reflected Vice's signature gritty aesthetic and presented a honest, and sometimes funny, moment in time.

Here are some of our favorites. Check out all the winners on EyeEm's blog.

EyeEm X Vice Do at Chain Hardware by (Connect's own) Misho Baranovic on EyeEm 
EyeEm X Vice Don’t at Neukölln Arcaden by Alan Don Jones on EyeEm
EyeEm X Vice Do by Pablo on EyeEm
EyeEm X Vice Do at los angeles by Carina Lue on EyeEm
 EyeEm X Vice Do in A Coruña by Pablo on EyeEm