Professional competition, Sport, Shortlist, 2020: '19.01.19' by <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Anton Dotsenko</a> (Belarus)
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Professional competition, Sport, Shortlist, 2020: '19.01.19' by Anton Dotsenko (Belarus)

Image Description: For an instance, the one approach that was chosen by Kirill Tereshin in form of injection into his arms consisting of substances only known to him, removal of which could lead to fatal outcome. Bodybuilding is the most practical form of Bigorexia nowadays.

Series Name: Bigorexia

Series Description: Bigorexia (arlso known as muscle dysmorphia) is a new phenomenon in the sports and fashion industries. This anxiety disorder causes individuals to believe that their bodies are small and lacking in muscle, despite the fact that many sufferers could be described as big and muscular. The condition can affect both men and women, but often goes undiagnosed.

Sufferers choose different approaches to build up muscles, from compulsively working out in the gym to injecting themselves with mystery substances. Some of these methods are dangerous, and occasionally deadly.