JK Imaging, which holds a license to produce Kodak-branded cameras, has launced a new 4K 360 degree camera at Photokina in Cologne today. The camera is splash-proof and comes with a selfie-stick and remote control in the package. A status-display on the top of the housing allows you to view and control settings and parameters. Alternatively this can be done via a dedicated iOS or Android app on your smartphone.

Images and video are captured on two 20MP BSI CMOS sensors. The front lens covers a 155 degree angle of view, the one at the back captures a wider 235 degree angle. This way you can easily switch between standard 16:9 "flat" 4K video, just using the front camera, and full spherical 360 degree recording using both cameras. Both lenses have a F2.4 aperture and video is electronically stabilized. In still image mode the camera can produce 27MP spherical images. The PixPro supports on-camera stitching at a reduced resolution for quick sharing, full resolution files can be created on an external editor.

With Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth the PixPro 4KVR360 is fully connected. It captures stereo sound using four built-in microphones but also offers a connector for an external microphone. The battery is removable and image material is saved on a microSD card. The camera is expected to be available in January 2017. Final pricing is not determined yet but should be around the $500 mark.