The story isn't new to anyone in the world of photography. Kodak, once the undeniable leader of the industry, has since been turned into a sad shell of its former self.

What isn't so clear is how exactly Kodak went from photo giant to a name that can be licensed and slapped on seemingly anything and everything if enough money is thrown its way.

As part of its Company Declines series, YouTube channel Company Man has shared a biography of sorts detailing the demise of Kodak. Throughout the 12-minute video, the narrator provides a brief history lesson of Kodak and its beginnings before diving into what we now know as the decline that ultimately led to bankruptcy in January 2012.

As the video notes, Kodak's downfall can't simply be attributed to its efforts to eschew digital photography, as seems to be the consensus in most circles. Instead it was a matter of Kodak not putting enough emphasis on digital camera technology when the time came around, the narrator argues.

Ultimately, there are more factors than we'll even know behind the demise of Kodak. But this biopic of sorts does a great job summarizing the problem and looking at it from a different perspective.