The NEX-6 is one of eight API-compatible Sony cameras and camcorders. Sony promises to add more cameras in the future.

Although Sony already has a number of apps for its Wi-Fi-equipped cameras, the company announced that it is releasing the API  (Application Program Interface) for a limited number of its cameras. The program is designed to encourage the development of apps that will enable users to shoot and control still and video camera functions via Wi-Fi smartphones and tablets. 

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Currently, eight Sony cameras are compatible with the Camera Remote API beta including the NEX-6, Nex-5R, the recently announced NEX-5T, DSC-QX100 DSC-QX10, HDR-MV1 movie video recorder as well as two Action Cam models. The listed NEX-series cameras need to be updated with the Play Memories Smart Remote Control app, v. 2.0 (slated to be released on September 26) and the HDR-AS15 Action Cam needs a software update before these four cameras are compatible with the API beta. Sony plans to add more cameras to this list in the future.

The JSON-based API is platform agnostic and Sony provides detailed information, development and reference guides, along with a sample app on the program site. You'll also find a developer's forum to share ideas and contact information for Sony. Note, however, that technical support is only available for U.S. and Japan-based developers. 

Let's hear from you: How should developers use Sony's API in new apps? What camera features would you like to control via your mobile?