Lightstrap functions as an adjustable ring flash for your iPhone.

Another Kickstarter project is catching our eye this week. The Lightstrap for iPhone 5/5S wants to turn the back of your phone into a ring flash. Commonly used in fashion photography, ring flashes have a tendency to make subjects look very glamorous as the light illuminates all sides of their face.

Available for a $97 Kickstarter donation (if it manages to make its high $245,000 goal), the Lightstrap has six different color temperature settings and promises up to 500 photos or 30 minutes of video from its battery pack. Lightstrap is activated when your iPhone flash goes off, so it can be used with any camera app and doesn't require Bluetooth or wi-fi pairing.

Measuring at 16mm thick and weighing in at 2.5 ounces, the Lightstrap might be a little bulky for some users, but it can also activated away from your phone to create more dynamic off-camera light for any camera.

Lightstrap's manufacturer is confident that it will be able to ship out the product to customers in April of 2014, but we've got a prototype version to play with right now. Check in soon to see our full review of the Lightstrap prototype.