Nikon India appears to have accidentally leaked a promotional video for Nikon’s forthcoming Z9 mirrorless camera, confirming specifications not yet known.

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While Nikon has been releasing weekly teaser videos (1, 2, 3) for what will be its flagship mirrorless camera (so far three of the four planned teasers have been revealed), this one appears to be different, both in the visual style of the promotional video and in timing (we suspect the fourth teaser video in the series to be released later this week). Instead of the more abstract, cinematic-style footage as we’ve seen in the previous planned teasers, this leaked video looks more like a presentation-style video and features an ‘AudioJungle’ audio watermark that suggests this video wasn’t meant to be seen by the public, since we would expect Nikon to license the finalized music in the 27-second video.

This new leaked video, which has since been taken down, but reposted elsewhere, highlights three individual slides, each of which detail specifications we haven’t been made aware of yet. In the first slide, the video notes the Z9 will feature the ‘world’s fastest’ scan rate and shooting at up to 120 frames per second (fps), although there are footnotes to clarify the ‘world’s fastest’ claim and presumably limitations on what kind of capture mode you’ll be able to capture images at 120fps.

The second slide shown in the video states the Z9 will have 8K/60p recording and a double coating on the optical low-pass filter. This slide also has footnotes: two for the 8K/60p claim and a single one for the low-pass filter coating, but they're not clear enough in the video to make out. It’s likely we’ll see the 8K/60p capture mode severely limited in terms of what bitrate, bit-depth and codec you’ll be able to record in.

The third slide showcases the new ‘Multi-Axis Tilting Monitor’ we’ve seen teased before, as well as the ability to continuously shoot Raw images at up to 20fps. No footnotes are shown on this slide, which is particularly interesting for the 20fps Raw capture.

The video also gives us a sneak peek at Nikon's forthcoming Nikkor Z 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 S lens:

As with all leaks, it’s worth taking it with a grain of salt. But, considering the video originated from the official Nikon India YouTube channel and appears to be very on-brand for Nikon’s past videos, it’s unlikely to be a fake. We have one more planned teaser video from Nikon that should be released later this week, which may or may not be the finalized version of this promo video. We’ll just have to wait and see.