Can we expect larger devices from Apple in the future?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has asked suppliers to provide larger screens for testing, including screens larger than 4 inches for iPhones and just slightly less than 13 inches diagonally  for iPads.  In a conversation between WSJ Asia Technology Editor  Yun-Hee Kim and, from Taipei, Technology Correspondent Lorraine Luk, it seems that testing on these larger screens began in Q2. According to Luk, it normally takes about a year in the development stage before products go to mass production and she is not sure, at this stage, if mass production of products with these larger screens will take place.

Luk says she believes Apple is testing larger screens to in order to stay competitive with the likes of Samsung, a company that is continuing to gain marketshare for tablets. "Apple has to do something to fight back," she adds.

Meanwhile, Luk has been tracking component supplies and reports that the next version of the iPad will be the same as the current models but with a lighter, thinner and cleaner display structure. For the iPhone, she says, look for one model with a non-metal casing and one with an aluminum casing. Both models are currently in mass production and will be available in multiple colors.