Instagram is making it easier for users to follow subjects they care about by introducing support for following hashtags. In its present form, Instagram only supports following accounts, but a new test some users have spotted extends this ability to individual hashtags, presenting the tagged content in the follower's feed.

The feature was first brought to light on Twitter, where social media consultant Pippa Akram posted this screenshot:

In its current iteration, Instagram allows users to tag content with hashtags, such as #city or #landscape, and other users can search for content with those tags and see it in the search results. Adding the ability to follow hashtags directly would allow users to revisit their favorite hashtags again and again without having to search for them every time. A pretty useful feature, especially if you regularly visit Instagram for photography inspiration and ideas in your particular genre.

Unfortunately, for now, Instagram has kept quiet about this new feature, but if and when it rolls out to all users, we'll let you know.