United Kingdom-based online film retailer Analogue Wonderland has opened its new sustainability-focused lab, Analogue WonderLab. The lab, which accepts in-person drop-offs and mail-in orders, will process and scan various film emulsions for relatively affordable prices.

Analogue Wonderland is an independent operation founded by Paul and Mary McKay, a son/mother partnership that 'cares about their products, their customers, and their impact on the world.’ For this new endeavor, they brought onboard Marina Llopis, Founder of IFWEFILM Photography Workshop and a film photographer, who was brought in to set up the labs. This team makes Analogue WonderLab one of the only female-led labs in Europe.

Analogue WonderLab Manager Marina and Lab Technician Helena

As noted by 35mmc, ‘Analogue WonderLab is set up to process and scan colour C-41 and B&W for 35mm, 120, disposable cameras and 110 films from day one.’ Eventually, the team will bring more chemistries and processes online, with E6 processing expected to be the next available service.

Analogue Wonderland co-founder Paul tells 35mmc’s Hamish Gill that the goal is to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible for the end-user. So, when a customer places an order for film to be processed and/or scanned, they’re sent information on how to print a free, tracked postage label to get the film where it needs to be. If you’re close enough though, you’re welcomed to drop off your film in-person at Analogue WonderLab HQ in Buckinghamshire, England.

Analogue WonderLab also puts an emphasis on sustainability. While film processing is a resource-intensive task that requires very non-environmentally-friendly materials, Analogue WonderLab is publishing regular updates on their blog regarding their ongoing efforts to minimize the environmental impact of the lab.

Standard processing and scanning for 110 film and 120 film rolls starts at £7.00, while disposable film cameras and 35mm film rolls start at £6.00. Upon checkout, a host of options are included, including development and scanning preferences. Analogue WonderLab says turnaround time varies, but notes its goal is to get rolls processed, scanned and back in the post within 3 days of receipt. Orders placed this week will receive a 20% discount to celebrate the launch.

You can read more about the launch and the lab’s processes on Analogue WonderLab’s FAQ.

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