There's been a large shakeup in the photo website sphere. Zenfolio announced today that it has acquired Format, a major website-building platform and marketplace based in Canada.

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Zenfolio has offered Software as a Service (SaaS) business solutions for photographers since 2006. Format has been live since 2010. With today's acquisition, Zenfolio is positioned as one of the most comprehensive services for photographers and artists.

'We deeply respect the Format brand, their employees and community, and the business they have built,' said John Loughlin, Zenfolio's CEO. 'This combination will expand the capabilities and services offered to our respective customers.'

Lukas Dryja, Format CEO and Co-Founder, added, 'Since creating Format, we have cared deeply about our community and team. Partnering with Zenfolio is a tremendous opportunity for both. The Format community will benefit from Zenfolio's extensive technology services while Zenfolio customers will have access to world class tools and design to showcase their work online.'

Acquiring Format continues Zenfolio's ongoing effort to reimagine and reposition its offerings. Zenfolio recently unveiled a new cloud-based technology platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help photographers run their business. In August, Zenfolio unveiled ProSuite, a new all-in-one business solution for professional photographers.

However, Zenfolio and Format will operate in parallel for now, retaining their respective employees and subscription base. It's unclear what Zenfolio's long-term plans are for Format.