Tikee by French company Enlaps aims to simplify time-lapse photography by combining a 4.5W solar panel, wireless connectivity and a pair of lenses into a single capture device. The device itself is described as completely self-sufficient, weatherproof and accessible via a Web application.

The idea behind Enlaps is that long duration time-lapse photography can be difficult depending on location due to potential power source and weather issues. Tikee and its more sophisticated counterpart, Tikee Pro, solve this by providing everything necessary for time-lapse photography in a single wireless and weatherproof product.

The small solar panel powers Tikee, assuming it is placed somewhere with sufficient sunlight, while a pair of lenses capture 220-degree panoramic images. A related Web application is available from a computer or mobile device; it automatically stitches the images into a time-lapse, and includes features for ‘advanced users' like Pan & Zoom and Time Period. Content is stored on a microSD card.

The Enlaps Tikee features Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi, and saves content in JPEG format, while the Tikee Pro includes those features as well as GPS, GSM support, and both JPEG and Raw file format options. Both products were launched on Indiegogo, where the campaign has successfully resolved with €238,687 in funding. The company is demonstrating the devices at CES 2017.

According to TechCrunch, the Tikee will be priced at $750 and the Tikee Pro at $900 and will be available in April.

Via: TechCrunch