I think there may be more than a few of us who have been told that we spend too long looking through a viewfinder instead of experiencing life first hand. And there will be plenty of us who know that sometimes we don’t get to experience an event because we are constantly looking for the best angle and thinking photography rather than feeling the moment as everyone else is.

Filmmaker Casey Cavanaugh has made a really cool film on the subject, and has created a wooden rig that allowed him to mount his Sony a7S above the viewfinder of a Hasselblad 500CM so he could record the movie through the viewfinder of the medium format film camera. I won’t spoil the story for you, but it doesn’t end well for the Hasselblad! Cavanaugh also shared the main actress in the film, Corrina VanHamlin, tragically passed away after it was made.

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Link in bio || We all had a really amazing time making this short film for the Capital City Film Festival. Watching it now is a little more difficult for me as well as anyone who might have known the amazing lead actress, Corrina VanHamlin. She tragically passed away this year and her performance in this film is but a glimpse into the wonderful and talented person she was. I’m extremely grateful that we were able to make this piece of art together. Huge thanks to the rest of the team, @xiaoxinghan @ryanzern @danhartleyvideo @lukepline • • • • • • #cinematic #shortfilm #hasselblad500cm #hasselblad #fujiframez #framez #sonyframez #fujifilm #sonya7sii #sonya7riii #sonya7iii #fullframe #atomosshogun #groundglass #mediumformatfilm #mediumformat #mediumformatphotography #mediumformatcamera @hasselblad @hasselbladfeatures @hasselbladculture @hasselblad.japan @petapixel @phoblographer

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See the GxAce YouTube channel to watch Casey's other films. Cavanaugh is the same guy behind the DIY XPan camera video DPReview shared last week.