Apple's incredibly expensive Pro Display XDR monitor is offered with an optional nano-texture glass that costs an extra $1,000 and must, it turns out, be cleaned using only a special cloth provided by Apple. The unique cleaning requirements, which don't apply to the version of the monitor that features standard glass, were recently spotted by MacRumors in an Apple support document.

According to the support document, Apple includes a special 'dry polishing cloth' with its Pro Display XDR with nano-texture glass monitor. Owners are told to use this cloth to wipe smudges and dust from the display. Apple warns that the nano-texture glass cannot be cleaned using any liquids. If it's anything like the various 'nano' coatings we see in modern lenses, this isn't a surprise. Such coatings are so fragile that they are never used on the outside (environment-facing) sides of glass elements at all.

The polishing cloth can be cleaned using dish soap and water (it must be thoroughly rinsed and left to air dry for at least 24 hours), but replacing the cloth isn't simple. Apple says customers must directly contact the company in order to get a replacement cloth, the cost of which hasn't been specified.

Given that the nano-texture glass costs $1,000 on top of the Pro Display XDR's $4,999 price (not including the $999 Pro Stand and $199 VESA mount adapter), you might expect the cleaning cloths to be free. Whether that turns out to be the case is unknown at this time, but seems unlikely considering Apple's track record.