Gramatica gives control over your Instagram experience, letting you curate lists from those you follow.
You can zoom in to see images larger, or switch to grid view.

If your Instagram experience is anything like mine, it can be a struggle to sort through the ecclectic mix of friends, family, coworkers, celebrities, artists who inspire me and brands I like. Sometimes I do want to see adorable photos of a friend and her family on vacation, at other times I want to see what some of my favorite mobile photographers are posting. Jumping between the two, from cute kids in the pool to stunning black and white street photography, can be jarring at times.

Gramatica is a helpful tool for viewing your Instagram images neatly. 

The iOS app, offered for $0.99 in the App Store, allows you to create lists from those you're following, letting you design custom categories of Instagramers as you see fit. (Unfortunately, these lists are limited to 10 users -- my fingers are crossed for more in the next app update.) This also works to create lists based on hashtags you're interested in. You can also filter out photos individually or by user or hashtag. 

Lists are restricted to 10 users -- a frustrating limit if you'd like to group together a larger group of Instagramers you follow.
It's simple to swap accounts without needing to reenter a password.

One of my favorite perks of this app is the ability to zoom in on an image -- something I often catch myself trying to do in the Instagram app. I love getting a closer look at some of my favorite shots.

Another advantage is an easy swap between Instagram accounts. Once you've entered the account information, you can easily switch from one to another, without logging out or reentering a password.

Gramatica gives a clean, controlled Instagram experience with plenty of addiitonal add-ons like iCloud sync, the ability to leave links in comments and an unread comment indicator. And you don't have to leave the app to post images -- Gramatica opens the Instagram camera when you're ready to share a photo on your feed. This app has quickly become my substitute for Instagram on my phone, allowing me to view and respond to images in a more meaningful way.  

This video offers a glance at Gramatica: