Phase One’s Capture One image editing and archiving software package will finally support Raw files created by Fujifilm cameras, including the GFX bodies, via a free bundled deal with the cameras. In an arrangement similar to that enjoyed by Sony users, owners of Fujifilm GFX and X cameras will be able to use a scaled-back version made especially for them to process the Raw files from the GFX 50, as well as files from cameras going back as far as the Fujifilm Finepix S2 Pro.

Fujifilm camera owners will be able to use a free version of the software, but can buy the full program but with its additional features at a discounted rate. The Full version with full camera support costs a little bit more again, for those who need support for a wider range of camera brands.

The Free version that will come with the cameras is called Capture One Express Fujifilm. If you want more advanced features such as the ability to work in layers, to tether your camera to your computer, and faster image processing, a second tier of the Fujiiflm version allows photographers the full range of controls. The full Pro edition does the same but will also work for brands other than Fujifilm as well. The Capture One Pro Fujifilm costs €159 a year on a subscription basis, while the full version costs €180 annually.

For more information, including a list of all compatible cameras, please see the Capture One website.