Meet SELDI, the newest gadget to hit up the photo community for some crowdfunding. This odd contraption is a 7-in-1 wearable video rig designed for action cameras, smartphones, 360-degree cameras, and compact digital cameras. The rig loops over the wearer’s head and rests on their shoulders, though the design also enables it to be used as a handheld mount, to rest on surfaces like a tripod, and to hang from any item it can be looped over, such as a fence post.

SELDI claims its 7-in-1 rig replaces five accessories: hand grip, mini tripod, selfie stick, stabilizer, and chest mount. A pair of hinges on each side of SELDI are key to its flexibility, enabling users to adjust the camera angle based on need. By doing so, SELDI’s rig offers six shooting “modes” total, including the five performed by the accessories above, plus “multi-mount” mode, which involves placing the rig anywhere it can fit, such as on top of a door frame.

The team behind the 7-in-1 rig also present it as an entertainment device, suggesting that owners can use it as a smartphone and tablet holder for hands-free usage to, for example, watch a movie. The device supports 1/4”-20 mounts that weigh less than 500g / 1.1lbs. Additional accessories—such as microphones and lights—can also be attached, and tools aren’t required to make adjustments.

SELDI is offering various rewards to Kickstarter backers who are willing to fund the 7-in-1 wearable, including a super-early-bird “Pro Package” for pledges of at least $77 USD. The Pro Package includes a body strap, GoPro mount, mini ball head, hand grip, smartphone holder, smartphone GoPro adapter, super bolt, and the SELDI itself.

To learn more or put down a pledge of your own, head over to Kickstarter where the SELDI is already nearly half-way to its $10,000 goal with 32 days to go. If the funding campaign is successful, shipping to backers is expected to start globally in June.