Summer probably isn't the time of year when we're all dreaming of getting away to an island paradise to sip colorful drinks on the beach by day and take photos by golden hour... that yearning is gonna hit hard around January. But last August travel photographer and Resource Travel editor Michael Bonocore escaped to the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia for a solid month of shooting and really cool adventures.

As he told us over email: "Sharks, Kelly Slater… you name it, we had it."

Now a full year later, he's finally finished pulling out his favorite photos from the experience and putting together a travel photographer's guide to this dream destination. So check out some of the photos up top, and if you like what you see, visit Resource Travel for a lot more photos and some travel tips for your next trip to Tahiti.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check my account balance for plane ticket money...