Leica has released a firmware update for its Q2 that adds and improves a number of features for the prime lens compact camera. Firmware version 2.0 for the Leica Q2 addresses nearly every facet of the camera, from shooting modes to mobile transfer speeds.

First up are the autofocus (AF) improvements. Leica has added selectable AF field sizes (small, medium and large) that can be changed by a long tap when Touch AF is activated. Leica has also made it so Touch AF + Release works across all AF modes and has also made it so if a face isn’t detected in Face Detection AF Mode, the AF-Mode will temporarily switch to Field AF instead of Multi-field until a face is detected. Tracking AF has been improved across the board as well.

Speeds across the entire workflow have been improved, too. DNG and DNG+JPEG write speeds are twice as fast and transferring images to mobile devices via the Leica FOTOS app is now up to 50-percent faster.

Leica has also added a new top-level menu screen for a more complete overview of settings, made it so auto-ISO is changed to ‘prioritize correct exposure’ and added a menu option so you can choose between 60 fps or 120 fps refresh rates for the electronic viewfinder. In Leica’s own words, ‘For fast moving subjects, set 120 fps for a more fluid display of movement (lower resolution), or choose 60 fps for full resolution.’

You can read more details and download firmware version 2.0 for the Leica Q on Leica’s download page.