Apple tapped Deadpool 2 and John Wick director David Leitch to direct a 90-second iPhone advertisement called 'Snowbrawl.' As its name suggests, the video features high-action footage of a snowball fight filmed in cinematic style using the iPhone 11 Pro.

It's not uncommon for Apple to publish video and image ads shot using its latest iPhone models. The company has increasingly embraced short-form storytelling as part of its ads and 'Snowbrawl' is no different. The commercial shows off the iPhone 11 Pro's camera capabilities while telling the brief story of children engaged in an epic snowball fight to save a kidnapped teddy bear.

Creatives have been producing works shot using the iPhone for years. The 2018 movie Unsane was shot entirely using the iPhone 7 Plus, for example, though it should be noted that a variety of gear, including stabilizers and external lenses, are often used as part of these projects.