Pressgram wants to offer an alternative for Instagram lovers.

Pressgram thinks you should be able to enjoy all the fun filtering and sharing of Instagram without worrying about the rights to your images. As of this post, the app’s Kickstarter funding efforts are about $3,000 away from a goal of $50,000 with 6 days to go.

While Pressgram may initially seem like another Instagram faker, founder John Saddington promises “it's functionally and philosophically different.”

Frustrated with rights-grabbing Instagram and its new owner Facebook, Saddington wanted to create and image sharing app that hosts users' photos on a platform that not only will maintain all of the creator’s rights, but will also allow users to keep and track all off of their precious page views. Images are shared via WordPress-powered blogs.

Many mobile photographers share Saddington's concerns. During the Instagram controversy late last year, many recovering Insta-addicts found refuge in apps like EyeEm that promise to protect image rights.

Without being able to play with even a preliminary version of the app ourselves, it's tough to examine Pressgram's claims, but we're interested to see another option available that puts photographers' rights first.