Peak Design’s Everyday line of camera bags has received a V2 update that includes new materials and features, inspired directly from customer feedback and improvements in material design.

The list of the overhauled bags includes the Everyday Backpack (20L + 30L), Everyday Messenger (15L), Everyday Sling (5L is now 6L + 10L) and the Everyday Tote 15L. In addition to the redesigned originals, Peak Design has also added a number of new bags: Everyday Totepack (15L), Everyday Backpack Zip (15L + 20L) and the Everyday Sling (3L).

All of the bags feature more robust ‘UltraZips,’ improved fabrics that are 100% recycled and Bluesign approved (except for black), improved MagLatch connections and new cord hook external carry straps. The Everyday lineup is also receiving new colorways: Midnight Navy (navy blue) and Bone (tan).

Everyday Backpack

The Everyday Backpack is Peak Design’s most popular design. Although the V2 update isn’t dramatic, the small improvements that have been made do make for an overall improved experience as our hands-on attests to.

The Everyday Backpack V2 features a slightly refined shape that should help it stand upright on its own when filled with gear and has redesigned straps that should better contour your body. It also receives the new UltraZip design, improved MagLatch connections, new internal zippered pockets and the expansion straps found on most of the other V2 bags.

The Everyday Backpack 20L and 30L are available today for $259.95 and $289.95, respectively.

Everyday Backpack Zip:

The Everyday Backpack Zip is what would happen if you took Peak Design’s Travel Backpack, shrunk it, and added a number of features found in its Everyday line. It comes in 15L and 20L versions and features dual-access zips on either side of the bag for easy gear access. It also has a dedicated top-zip for laptop and tablet access as well as side and top grab handles.

The Everyday Backpack Zip 15L and 20L are available today for $189.95 and $219.95, respectively.

Everyday Messenger

Similar to the Everyday Backpack, the Everyday Messenger features an almost identical design as its first-generation design but improves upon a number of key features. In addition to the new 100% recycled 400D weather-resistant fabric, the Everyday Messenger features an improved MagLatch design, the new UltraZips and a few small aesthetic changes throughout the bag’s design to clean up the seams found throughout.

Below is a feature rundown of the new Everyday Messenger V2:

The Everyday Messenger 13L is available today for $219.95.

Everyday Sling

The Everyday Sling lineup has a number of changes from its V1 iterations. First, the 5L sling has been redesigned to add an extra liter of internal storage, now making it a 6L bag. Peak Design has also added a smaller 3L model that takes the features of the large slings and packs it down into an even smaller form factor.

The 3L and 6L bags can convert to was it packs, while the 10L bag offers a luggage carry pass-through for times when you don’t want it wrapped around your shoulder in the airport.

The Everyday Sling 3L, 6L and 10L are available today for $79.95, $99.95 and $149.95, respectively.

Everyday Tote

Much like the Everyday Messenger, the Everyday Tote isn’t much of a change from the previous version. Aside from a cleaner external design, the more robust UltraZips, the 100% recycled fabric and the external cinch straps the Everyday Tote remains largely unchanged.

The Everyday Tote 15L is available today for $149.95.

Everyday Totepack

The Everyday Totepack is more or less an Everyday Tote that’s been made a little larger (20L instead of 15L) and adds a set of straps so it can be worn as a backpack.

The Everyday Totepack features dual zip access points on either side of the bag as well as internal FlexFold dividers and stretchy pockets for organizing your gear as you see fit. It features the 100% recycled 400D weatherproof shell and also has two storable carry cinch straps for those times when you need a little more gear.

The Everyday Totepack 20L is available today for $179.95.