Filter manufacturer STC Optics has announced its behind-the-lens filter system is now available for Canon’s EOS R bodies. The filters, which clip directly in front of the sensor inside the camera body, include a range of neutral density strengths, an IR cut and a version designed to cut light pollution for astrophotographers. The system has been available for EOS DSLR users for some time, as well as for a wide array of camera brands and models, but this is the first time the filters have been made for Canon’s full-frame mirrorless system.

STC says the benefits of mounting filters behind the lens include reduced flare as well as keeping the filter clean. Having these filters behind the lens also allows other accessories, or filters, to be attached to the front of the lens. Users also don’t need to keep a range of sizes or adapter rings to fit the thread of each lens, as the same filter fits over the sensor no matter what lens is on the camera. Having the filter in place also provides a degree of protection to the surface of the sensor.

STC Optics says the Astro NS filter reduces the orange glow of light pollution in night-sky photography making stars easier to see

The STC Clip Filters for Canon EOS R Mirrorless cameras are available now with prices from $90 / £93. For more information visit the STC Optics website.

Press release

STC Announce Brand New Interchangeable Clip Filter for Canon EOS R Mirrorless Cameras

STC continues to break the mould with imaging innovation with the announcement of the groundbreaking Interchangeable for Canon’s popular EOS R mirrorless cameras. An evolution of STC’s top-quality clip filter series, the Interchangeable Clip Filter for the Canon EOS R takes the product’s simple use and value for money to an entirely new level.

STC expands its range of innovative imaging products with the arrival of the new Interchangeable Clip Filters - for Canon EOS R mirrorless cameras.

As STC continues to produce ground-breaking products for photographers and videographers, the brand’s latest product has been designed specifically for Canon EOS R mirrorless cameras. Drop-in and clip filters are most commonplace in the motion picture industry and since STC launched their range of clip filters for consumer cameras, many users across the globe have been reaping the benefits of the ‘one filter, any lens’ message.

The same quality construction, high-quality glass and market-leading nanocoatings are all common factors in the new Interchangeable Clip Filter system.

The new system, which allows users to switch filters using a handy tool, (provided) arrives as a gamechanger for image-makers keen to use the best quality filters in the most economical manner.

Users familiar with STC’s clip filters will know that mounting and removal is fast and simple and safe. Designed to sit in the camera mount, between the lens and sensor, the new interchangeable clip filters, which are constructed with Aerospace grade 6061 aluminium alloy and processed with precision CNC machining, will sit completely flush within the camera with no chance of touching the sensor. Compatible with the Canon EOS R, Ra and RP, every filter comes complete with double-sided NANO anti-smudge coating, making them completely waterproof, grease-proof and easy to clean.

The new STC Interchangeable Clip Filter’s patented design keeps the glass completely fixed and steady within the frame, meaning zero distortion from pressure, thermal expansion or contraction. This ensures sharp images even at long focal lengths.

Ultimate Versatility

All STC Clip Filters can be combined with the brand’s traditional circular filters to give photographers and videographers an extensive palette of artistic and practical possibilities.

William Wu, CEO and Lead Design Engineer, STC, said: “The team at STC has been working tirelessly to produce this new type of clip filter. Building on the ‘one filter - any lens’ message, known by so many photographers and videographers across the globe with our existing clip filter systems, the new interchangeable version goes even further by giving ultimate ability to expand filter types within minutes. Our market-leading glass and nano filter coating technology carry through with the new system, meaning users can expect the same imaging excellence that STC is renowned for. We will be introducing this system for a number of popular brands, so watch this space as we make further announcements.”