Sirui is teasing the launch of its next lens, which will be a 35mm 1.33x anamorphic with a maximum aperture of F1.8. Until recently, Surui was best known for making tripods, but it's branched out into lenses, with this being the second released this year.

Like the 50mm 1.33x anamorphic that was launched in February, this new lens is designed for APS-C and MFT sensors. It will be only available in the MFT mount but there are adapters for Sony E, Canon EF-M and Nikon Z mount camera systems, according to a video placed on the company’s U.S. Facebook page. The lens will come with detachable geared rings for the focus and aperture rings, uses a 67mm front filter thread and has a minimum focus distance of 0.85m (2.8ft).

The lens is promoted as the wide-angle answer to the existing 50mm lens, and the company says it provides the viewing angle of a 26.3mm lens when used on an APS-C sensor. Sirui says that once de-squeezed, footage from a 16:9 area of the camera’s sensor will take on a 2.4:1 aspect ratio with characteristic oval bokeh and blue light streaks of flare.

The Sirui 35mm F1.8 1.33x anamorphic lens will be available for an early-bird price of $599 via an Indiegogo campaign page that goes live on August 3rd at 9am EST.
For more information on the company’s 50mm lens see the Sirui website.

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