Photography accessory manufacturer Kipon is now shipping two new adapters for mounting medium format lenses to Sony E mount camera systems.

The adapters come in two varieties: the M645-S/E E, which adapts Mamiya brand Mamiya 645 mount lenses to Sony E mount cameras while the M645-S/E ES adapters Phase One or Schneider brand Mamiya 645 lenses to Sony E mount cameras.

The two adapters are constructed of aluminum and brass, offer an infinity focus feature, and offer electronic aperture control through the camera. A previous Mamiya 645 to Sony E mount adapter has been available for some time, but it doesn’t offer the electronic contacts for aperture control and features a less pleasing design.

The M645-S/E E and M645-S/E ES are available to purchase for $289 and $389, respectively. Shipping dates vary depending on your geographical location.