Have you ever been at a beautiful location and wondered what a photo might look like if you had a model and some lighting equipment on hand? Well, you no longer need to wonder. Los Angeles-baased visual effects studio Surpuba AR has released Photo Studio AR, an app for Android and iOS devices that uses augmented reality (AR) to project a model into any real-world scene you can imagine.

The app features a collection of 3D-rendered models, all based off real people. You can pose them in multiple animated positions, change their location in the AR environment, resize them to fit the scene and even switch their outfits (and purchase other 3D models) via in-app purchases.

As for lighting, you can add multiple lights and props to the scene to emulate what a particular setup would look like. You can even alter where the artificial sunlight is in the app so that it reflects the Sun’s current position in the sky.

Finally, there’s also a built-in recording function so you can save your AR location scouting trip for reference down the road.

A collection of screenshots showing off the props and light modifiers available in Photo Studio AR.

You can purchase Photo Studio AR for both Android and iOS devices for $10. In-app purchases start at one dollar a piece. To learn more, head over to the company's website by clicking here.