Turkish macro photographer Can Tuncer takes his macro work far beyond most macro shooters. Forget 1:1 or even 2:1, when Tuncer decides on a project his super macro work requires complex focus stacking rigs, microscope lenses, and 40-images per photo to get everything in focus.

This was the case with his most recent project, Peacock Feather, in which he used three different microscope lenses and a super-macro setup to capture extreme closeups of these colorful marvels.

For this particular project, Tuncer used three lenses: a Lomo 3.7x (3.7x magnification), Mitutoyo M Plan Apo 5x (5x magnification), and Nikon CF Plan 10x 0.30 WD 16.5 (10x magnification). Each was mounted to his Canon 6D in turn and, using the light from a single Yongnuo YN-560 III and two Ikea Jansjö LED lamps.

The final rig looked like this:

And these are the three lenses used:

The project took two weeks to complete, during which time Can captured 1,500 images of a single feather in order to create the final focus-stacked series you see at the top. Scroll through the high-res versions for yourself if you need to add a bit of wow-factor to your Wednesday.

And then, if you want to see even more incredible macro photography, you can find more of Can's work on 500px, Flickr, and Instagram.

All images by Can Tuncer and used with permission.