Winners of the Hasselblad Masters 2021 competition
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Winners of the Hasselblad Masters 2021 competition

Today, winners of the 2021 Hasselblad Masters competition were announced. Photographers from all over the globe submitted a set of 3 images, for a total of 63,000, to 12 categories including Aerial, Architecture, Portrait, Product, and Heritage – a newly added category to commemorate the camera maker's 80th anniversary. A panel of judges, including Isabella Tabachi, Tyler Shields, and our own Damien Demolder are part of the Grand Jury.

Aerial winner Florian Ledoux had this to say to DPReview: 'As a photographer using Hasselblad cameras through drone technology to capture the Art of Nature, it is one of the greatest honors to win the Hasselblad Master title. I believe this will lead to great mutual projects and collaboration with Hasselblad that I love for their quality and knowledge on the equipment we need to capture the Art that surround us.

These images winning the Hasselblad Aerial Master are the result of ten years committed to revealing the beauty of the powerful but yet fragile poles. Creating a craft representing the Art of Nature is much more than what you see simply at the surface. It is an emotional journey that starts far beneath our subconscious. Eventually, it surfaces in our mind, reaching the depth of our heart before continuing to flow throughout our blood to reach the tool that helps us to capture the elegance and grace of the natural world.

I believe these series show the positive impacts aerial images can have, revealing species in a way never seen before. The Hasselblad camera mounted on the drone (DJI Mavic 2 Pro) become then the extension of my soul and my heart, unlocking creativity beyond the limits.'

Winners will receive Hasselblad medium format cameras in 2022. All winning images in their entire sets can be viewed on the camera brand's website. Future competition hopefuls should also note that using a Hasselblad camera is not a requirement to enter.