Third-party remote control camera app for Sony cameras, Camrote, has released a major update that brings new features and improved performance to the latest version of its iOS app.

In addition to general support for Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 13, Camrote version 1.2.0 also adds new wireless functionality for select Sony cameras. Specifically, the update adds support for zooming, 'BULB' time-lapse capture, and a new double-tap gesture to disable all Touch AF points from the app. Wales-based developer Simon Mitchell has also added Spanish localizations and made adjustments to the user interface throughout the app.

Mitchell says Apple Watch support and shooting presets are 'Coming Soon' while other unique focus-stacking, exposure ramping and other features are in the pipeline as well for future updates. No specific list is given for what cameras support what features of the latest update, so it might take a bit of trial and error to ensure it works with your Sony camera system.

To get the latest update, head over to the iOS App Store to download Camrote for free (with in-app purchases available to unlock time-lapse and geotagging functionality). You can keep up with Camrote updates via Twitter.