In a tweet published on March 10, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki shared a bit of information that hints at what products we should most be expecting to see from Sigma in the foreseeable future.

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In response to a question from Twitter user Terry Ikoma, username @uplink_boss, Yamaki-san said Sigma will put a priority on developing its ‘DN’ lens lineup for mirrorless camera systems, including full-frame, APS-C and Micro Four Thirds (MFT) systems. Below is the screenshot with the machine-translated text:

Since much can get lost in translation (particularly machine translation), we contacted Yamaki-san to independently confirm the statement and see if he would be willing to divulge any further information. Yamaki-san both confirmed the statement and elaborated that while APS-C and MFT lenses aren’t out of the question, ‘most of [the lenses] will be DG DN series (designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras).’

Considering the direction the rest of the photography world is moving, this news shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but to get confirmation from Sigma’s CEO that the third-party lens manufacturer will be focusing exclusively on mirrorless systems is a significant detail. Canon also confirmed earlier this year that its focus will be on full-frame mirrorless lenses (RF-mount) over DSLR lenses (EF-mount), so Sigma isn’t the only one who’s looking at DSLRs through the rearview mirror.