A team with German university HTW Berlin has published a new project called Wikiview, a website that makes it easy to search for images in the Wikimedia Commons. With Wikiview, anyone can search for images related to a subject, then narrow down the results by adding other search terms, such as looking specifically for photos of old cars that are located outdoors.

Wikiview enables users to zoom in and out of the 2D image map used to present grid-based image results. When the user selects a particular image, it appears in a viewer sidebar alongside its title, the date it was taken, the license under which it was published, its author, and links to both its Wikimedia page and to similar image results. Users are able to directly download the image from Wikiview.

Wikiview is one of multiple sites that enables users to more easily find images shared under various licenses. Earlier this year, for example, Creative Commons launched an overhauled CC Search tool that serves as a portal to more than 300 million photos.