Not all Kickstarters need to be overly-ambitious projects with goals reaching six figures. Sometimes, they can be humble, affordable, and downright fun. Case in point is PinBox, a DIY pinhole camera from the Hamm Camera Company.

The PinBox is a do-it-yourself 120 format 6x6 pinhole camera designed specifically to teach you how to make your own.

This is the second crowdfunding effort from Hamm Camera Company. The first was a Kickstarter for NuBox 1, a modular box camera that blew away its funding goal and started shipping out March 2018.

The PinBox kit, which is still available as a 'super early bird' special for $20, comes with pre-cut sections of cardboard for the frame of the camera, four film winding keys (two flat and two raised) and a precision-made acid etched aperture disk.

PinBox has a focal length of 30mm and a variable aperture, depending on the disk you choose from. Hamm Camera Company suggests going with the F120 or F200 aperture disks, but says it'll have 'a whole range of apertures to choose form in the backer survey' for 'about' $6 a piece and available in sets at a discount.

Similar to the NuBox 1, the PinBox is meant to be tinkered with and altered. In Hamm Camera Company's own words:

Our unique design changes the playing field of conventional cardboard pinhole camera. Our approach is to create a camera from cardboard that you can rapidly iterate. Want to double your focal length? Go for it.

Each kit comes with a digital PDF with layout and instructions so you can tweak and adjust your PinBox as you see fit. All photographs currently show the PinBox camera as plain cardboard, but the Kickstarter notes the team is still working on various finishes, including color options such as red, blue, yellow, grey and maybe more.

PinBox is set to ship 'around the end of August 2018.' Once the early bird specials are gone, it'll cost you $27 for a complete PinBox kit, as well as an additional $7 for shipping in the United States and $14 for international shipping.

To find out more details and to pre-order your PinBOx, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign.