EyeFi, the maker of Wi-Fi-enabled memory cards and cloud storage provider, has announced that it has acquired OKDOTHIS. OKDOTHIS is an iOS app that was launched in 2012 and aims to inspire mobile photographers by merging assignment-based photography and the sharing of creative ideas with a social media element.

EyeFi says it will integrate OKDOTHIS with its existing products to engage directly with photographers, inspire creativity and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Combining EyeFi's Wi-Fi cards with OKDOTHIS also means that it'll be easier to use 'traditional' non-connected cameras when working on your 'DOs' as the assignments in OKDOTHIS are called.

EyeFi CEO Matt Di Maria had the following to say about the acquisition: 

'Photographers can simply browse, select a DO, and use their phone to take and post the photo on the spot. Alternatively, a photographer might want to plan a day of DOs — select a few on which to focus for the day, head out with a preferred digital camera, and shoot. With the Eyefi Cloud integrated with the OKDOTHIS mobile app, photographers can now use photos from their digital camera (with a Mobi WiFi SD card) or their WiFi camera to submit a photo for one of the challenges.'

We'll have to wait and see what exactly the integration of the app will look like, but for now you can download OKDOTHIS from the Apple App Store if you'd like to try it. 

Source: EyeFi