Photo storage and management service Picturelife has shut down after a few years of operation, citing 'a challenging economic environment' as the cause. All of Picturelife's products have already been shuttered, however users' photos and videos have not been lost. 'A few weeks ago,' the company explains, 'we reached an agreement with SmugMug to provide you with a way to recover your photo and video memories.'

Picturelife’s now-former users can access their photos and videos for free through SmugMug’s service without obligation here; the Picturelife account login information is required. The content is made available for free under SmugMug’s two-week trial, after which point the service is available at various prices. Picturelife users are being offered a discounted $2/month subscription option for their first year of SmugMug service.

Speaking about the migration, SmugMug’s CEO Don MacAskill said, ‘For us, this is not about customer acquisition, it’s about doing the right thing and helping the photography community keep their photos safe. We weren’t interested in acquiring Picturelife’s business, but wanted to help our fellow photographers, and so we offered our services to help make that happen.’