At Adobe MAX, Adobe not only unveils what’s new in its applications for users to enjoy today, the company also offers sneak peeks at the technology of tomorrow. One of Adobe’s MAX ‘Sneaks’ leverages Adobe’s Sensei AI technology to animated still photos. It’s called Project In-Between.

If you have a camera with a fast frame rate, you likely end up with a large burst of images of the same subject. When you go through your photos, typically only one or two stands out as worth processing and sharing. Adobe wants to put all those ‘reject’ photos to use. Although, with the power of AI, you don’t even need all the photos.

Project In-Between works by taking two or more photos and then using AI to create an ‘animated bridge’ between your images. The final video clip is meant to look as though you captured a single video, rather than only a few photos.

If you’ve seen living photos, the result is somewhat similar. However, rather than add animation to a single photo, Project In-Between uses multiple images and connects them using generated animation. Depending on what you feed into it, the results can end up being incredibly smooth. It’s not obvious how often the result will look like the scene you photographed, but the examples Adobe has shown off are certainly impressive. You can learn more about Project In-Between by visiting the Adobe MAX ‘Sneaks’ blog.

Adobe has shared other ‘Sneaks’ this week, including Project Morpheus, which also uses Adobe Sensei. Project Morpheus makes it easier to edit video, without the need for making frame-by-frame edits. Project Strike a Pose uses a reference image of a person in a desired pose and machine learning to reposition a person in a second image to match the reference image pose. As Adobe says, ‘Bye-bye awkward family portraits.’

To catch up with all things Adobe MAX 2021, visit Adobe’s dedicated MAX website. If you missed what’s new to Photoshop, check out our coverage from earlier this week.