Image by Twitter via The Verge

Twitter has announced support for adding images, as well as videos and GIFs, to retweets and quoted tweets. Users had requested this feature for years, but Twitter explained to The Verge that it was tricky enabling media comments on retweets and quotes while maintaining a logical design that viewers could readily parse.

The new support, which is currently rolling out Twitter's mobile apps and mobile website, allows users to add an image, video, or GIF after tapping the 'Retweet with comment' option on an existing tweet.

The company has chosen a design that nestles the original tweet with a timestamp and thumbnail under the full-width media published by the user who responded to the original tweet. This design only appears on mobile at this time, however, and The Verge points out that GIF comments on retweets look clunky on desktop.

It's unclear when the feature and mobile-like nesting design will arrive for desktop users. The new option is rolling out on Android and iOS now.