Maybe it's our abbreviated attentions spans that makes short video clips so popular these days. Now, with Blink 2.0, Micorosft has joined the fray, along with Vine, Lightt and the soon-to-be-announced video capabilities of Instagram. With version 2.0, users can now create, save and share GIF-like video clips based on the multi-shot series of images automatically captured with Blink.

By automatically saving images to the camera's buffer before and after the shutter is triggered, multiple images are available from which to select your favorite shot. The remaining images can then be incorporated into a video clip of still photos. Creating an animation is extremely simple, although this simplicity also means you have little control. However, you can adjust the beginning and end points of the animation. Output can be saved, emailed and shared to, Facebook and Twitter. Blink for Windows Phone 8 can be downloaded for free here.

At the same time, Microsoft released Blink Cliplets. It's only available for Windows 8 and RT but we think it's one of the more interesting motion-type apps available. Blink Cliplets allows users to combine static and dynamic media that can be later shared as a video or a GIF. Using layers, masks and different input points, you can freez an image in the video, mask it out temporarily and add a looping video clip in the same frame. It's an interesting amalgam of video, stills and GIFs with a touch of cinemagram thrown in. We're intrigued by this app and hope that Micorosft will, at some point, port it over to Windows Phone 8. Blink Cliplets is available as a free download from the Windows Store.